Progression and Academic Standing

AnchorAcademic Standing

The academic standing of all postgraduate students is reviewed at the end of each regular term and assessed by their departments. Unsatisfactory performance may result in students being denied the opportunity to continue their study.
In order for postgraduate students to attain good academic standing, they must, at the end of each regular term,

  1. obtain a cumulative grade average (CGA) of 2.850 or higher; and
  2. show a reasonable progress toward program completion.

Students who fail to maintain good academic standing in a regular term will be issued a letter of warning by the department head.

AnchorAcademic Leave and Academic Dismissal

Students who fail to maintain good academic standing in two consecutive regular terms will have their records reviewed by the department and may be required to take academic leave and have their study suspended. The academic leave will last from one to three regular terms during which students may apply for re-enrollment in their program of study at the end of their suspension. If this application for re-enrollment is approved, certain conditions may apply and the student must regain good academic standing in the regular term immediately following re-enrollment. Students will be dismissed from the University if the conditions are not met. If re-enrollment in the program is not granted by the expiry of the academic leave, the suspension will be converted to a dismissal from the University.